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A little about me and what I do.

I got my Massachusetts real estate sales license and started selling houses shortly after graduating high school. Even as a teenager, I knew I wanted to get invovled in this industry. After 20 years in real estate sales and investing I decided to open my own brokerage and that is how Hidden River Realty was born in 2022. I have dabbled in many facets of real estate and developed a wealth of knowledge in selling as well as investing. I started investing in real estate as a hobby in 2016 when I purchased my first multi family. I self-managed the property for 5 years while I absorbed as much education as I could on other avenues of investing. In 2020 I started flipping houses and realized I had found my investing niche. I love taking an older, forgotten house and turning it back into a beautiful, safe and happy home for someone new to live in. Through that process I learned alot about construction, project management, interior design, staging, sales and negotiation. The last few years have been a whirlwind since I decided to focus more on real estate and I haven't regretted a second of it. Real estate is my passion and it shows in my work. I love utilizing the knowledge that I've developed over the years to help others buy or sell their homes and I hope that after you read this, you'll give me the opportunity to do just that! Even if you just want to pick my brain about real estate or investing and you're not ready to do anything just yet, give me a call! Talking about real estate is my favorite thing to do!

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